Our Tennis Strings & Your Playing Style

Not sure which tennis string is right for you? 

Many tennis strings have characteristics which can be very similar or vastly different.  Not every tennis string will suit your game first time around.  In many cases it will be a combination of trial and error, experimenting with different string and tension.  To make your decision a little easier, our team at Pro Shot Racquet Restringing has prepared some basic details on the string we currently keep in stock.  Of course, nothing beats our personalised service and expertise, but here you will find the basic characteristics of the tennis strings we have available.


Volkl Cyclone

A durable and playable tennis string with excellent response, spin and control.  It provides exceptional bite on the ball, allowing it to come off the stringbed with incredible spin and pop.  Great for players who use long, fast strokes and like to hit hard.  Maintains control even when strung at lower tensions.  It has a nice muted feel giving excellent depth control.  We recommend stringing 1 to 2 pounds lower than your normal tension to experience the full benefit and playability of this string.


Babolat RPM Blast

A spin friendly, durable and low powered control string.  A great choice for big hitters with heavy racquets seeking maximum control and spin potential from their tennis strings.  RPM Blast offers more pop than traditional polyesters.  Players with fast full strokes will certainly access the maximum benefit of this tennis string.  This string is one for the advanced player, especially those who favour a lot of topspin and like to take big cuts at the ball.


Yonex Poly Tour Pro 125

A firm low powered polyester tennis string that’s constructed to be a little softer and more forgiving than traditional polyester tennis strings.  Offering excellent spin, pop, control and durability, this string is perfect for big hitters.  An arm friendly string that’s pre-stretched to hold tension for longer, this string is, above all, about comfort and control, while delivering on durability, spin and ball pocketing.


Wilson Revolve

A comfortable firm, crisp and dead playing co-poly tennis string with a unique molecular structure adding increased ball rotation and ball pocketing potential.  Great for players who like to attack the ball with an aggressive swing.  Wilson Revolve offers a firm but comfortable feel and predictable response on full swings. It provides good pop without being too lively while providing for great spin production.  Wilson revolve won’t disappoint hard hitters who seek confidence in attacking the ball without losing control.


Prince Synthetic Gut Duraflex

A solid core synthetic gut string offering great playability, power and plenty of comfort.  The Duraflex coating provides more durability than traditional synthetic gut strings.  This is certainly a great option for those who want extra durability and control without having to switch to a stiffer polyester string.   An excellent all-rounder for players of all abilities, this string is a comfortable and solid performer providing controllable power.  It’s also a top choice as a hybrid cross-string.


Wilson Synthetic Gut Power

A solid core synthetic gut string made with high energy wraps around the solid core for a comfortable and crisp response. This tennis string offers an excellent combination of power and control, with above average spin potential for a synthetic gut. This string is well suited to players who want a comfortable and arm-friendly string with great all-around performance.  A great choice for players who like the feel of synthetic gut but want a little more power and pop on the ball.  This string is also an excellent choice for use as a hybrid cross-string.


Klip Power

This co-polymer tennis string is all about power, yet it also offers good durability. The co-polymer construction also provides a softer feel than conventional polyester strings, while maintaining good tension.  This string is well suited for the beginner to semi-intermediate player who is also looking for a budget friendly co-poly string.


Luxilon Savage

A six-sided profile gives this co-poly string extra bite and spin potential.  Players with long, fast strokes will find the control needed to crush the ball.   This string has a soft, dead and comfortable feel and is best suited to aggressive players who like to generate their own spin and power.  The exceptional access to spin with a low powered response allows players to maximise their swing speed.  One for aggressive baseliners who like dominating their opposition with a strong combination of pace and spin.


Luxilon Big Banger ALU Power Rough

One of the most popular tennis strings on the Pro Tour today.  This tennis string is the textured version of ALU Power (Big Banger).  The rough textured surface of this string provides exceptional ball pocketing and spin with a crisp and lively feel.  Great for players who like generating massive stroke speed, producing massive spin and impressive power.  A great option for intermediate and advanced players who like to take full cuts at the ball without loss of control, and who want even more durability, spin and precision.  Definitely an excellent choice for main strings in a hybrid set-up.


Tourna Big Hitter Silver

Made for power players who need exceptional tension maintenance, Tourna Big Hitter Silver tennis string provides a softer feel than traditional polyester strings with above average spin capability and excellent durability.  This arm-friendly tennis string will certainly suit players looking for nice mix of spin, control, comfort, playability and tension maintenance.


Diadem Solstice Power

A relative newcomer to the tennis string industry, Diadem has created a comfortably firm co-poly with a six-pointed star shape and a response that softens up after continued use. The result is a tennis string that combines a low-friction surface with maximum ball bite and control. In other words, this string was built for spin – massive spin.  Intermediate and advanced players looking for a comfortable co-poly with pinpoint control have come to the right place.  This string is one for heavy hitters who are looking to take big cuts at the ball offering excellent ball grip, spin, pocketing and a great blend of power and control.


Diadem Impulse

Built for comfort and power, this string is made with multiple shock absorbing filaments. Diadem Impulse is a great option for the player who wants easier access to depth. This multifilament string has a low-friction surface for enhanced durability and spin-potential.  Diadem Impulse offers a perfect blend of comfort, touch, power, and feel.  Players with slow to moderate swing speeds will benefit from the power of Impulse.  One for players that love the classic gut-like feel of a multifilament.  Tennis elbow sufferers looking for a softer, more comfortable tennis string should also give Impulse a try.


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